PGHR - Pokemon Go Hunts & Raids

Live Pokemon Map covering various areas Globally & Social Discord community.
Providing Pokemon, IV, Moveset, Levels with DSP & TTL, Gyms, Raids, Quests, Team Rocket Stops & more.

PGHR Features

Live Pokemon Map

A Live interactive global map displaying pokemon, Raids and much more with a personailsed notification system.

Live Map

Discord Community

Visit us on our Discord Server where you can find so much support with playing Pokemon Go.

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Our Services

PGHR Maps offer varied services of which include, Live Map, Discord Server, Pokemon Go Accounts and also Subscriptions to support our projects.

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Community Driven Success

Responsive Services

Responsive Live Map

The fully interactive live Pokemon map can be used on any Mobile, Tablet or PC. Providing the community with Pokemon IV, Stats, Move Set, Level, Weather and its ture GPS location. Use the provided Navigation liks to guide you to success.

Location Based Information

As well as all the Pokemon Information, the map provides accurate information on Raids, Gym Locations, Pokestops, Quests, Team Rocket Stops & much much more.

Discord Community

Our Discord Server is filled with like-minded people who enjoy sharing the playing experience. With various channels for General Chat, Help & Support, we also have a News Feed and Tips & Tricks Section.

Feed & Hunts

On Discord you can find Feeds from our Mapping Services. We have dedicated members who spare their time to the community providing coordinates for Speed Raid Organisation, Shiny Hunting and Candy hunts.